Want to become a Top-Model?

Well, this is tough! Not for us, but for you. We're not a modeling agency, but we are trying to help you with your upcoming career as a model. You might not be one of the top models in the future, but still, there are some true possibilities for your career as a model. First of all: You should make friends with the fact that it is a difficult path. Because becoming a model is not like other jobs, where you just need some engagement and some education. Becoming a model can be really hard. It requires not just talent, and it is not enough to just look good. You have to show tremendous amounts of discipline.

Disclaimer: We are not a models agency or models management in the UK, England, Schotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. This is an independent platform about being a model and getting into a model career, we just provide hints and facts about the job as a model. This should help you, if you are into becoming a model in London or the United Kingdom.

Your Career as a Model

Unfortunately, looking good is not enough. Sorry to say that. But bad enough that beauty is a fixed requirement for a modeling career, almost always. Of course, there are also career opportunities for people with a special appearance. These may not have to correspond to a beauty ideal. And if you look good, can present yourself well, have a good demeanor, then you are again just one of the hundreds of models who are looking for a job for a commercial or on the catwalk. The dream job model can quickly become a nightmare for you if you are not in the best hands. A good model agency is a good prerequisite for getting into the business at all. There are many reputable model agencies in Germany, but you have to get an impression of whether you feel in good hands there.

Important Topics for Models

On this page, our goal is to inform you about what a career as a model looks like. We don't want to scare you off. Working as a model is a tough job, but of course you can too. It is only important that you are aware of this fact. You should always have two other thoughts with you. The first is the positive, the second thought is the negative. First of all, it is important that you really want this job. You can become a model if that's the thought that runs through your head every day. The second thought is that there are a lot of people who want to do this job. And there are also a lot of people who ultimately don't become models. You always have to keep the goal of becoming a top model in mind. If you are not ready to really give up a lot for this, you will not create a career in this profession.

What is meant by success in the model business?

With success, we do not mean that you will be cheered on the catwalks of New York, London, and Paris. For someone who starts out as a modeling career, success is already given when you have completed your first advertising campaign. Don't expect yourself or anyone else in this model business to find you and put yourself on the catwalk in New York. This path is hard, but once you've gained some experience and worked as a model, you've also made a good first step.

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Model Tips

Horse Riding Vacation

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Learn horseback riding!

Models need a lot of discipline. It is also part of the model business to exercise regularly. Horseback riding is one of the ways to keep your body strong and fit. You can find out where you can learn it here.

Learn Horse Riding

Life Hacks

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Make up eyes propery?

There are different ways to put makeup on your eyes. Find the right one for your character and look. Good makeup is a good prerequisite for a job. If you want to make a career as a model, you have to perform well.

Eyes Make-Up

Dream Job as Model

Have fun while discovering our website "miss-england.co.uk". We're trying hard to give you more content soon, but this is just a growing project. So please be patient with us and with our work here. And come back! Do not leave your way in becoming a top model, do not spend to much thoughts on what others may think of you. You can still try and you can still grow with the experience - even if you don't succeed at the end, trying to become a model is a life experience and it will help you get a new look for your opportunities.

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