Verizon Contact Number: 00 800 5005 0099

To contact the Verizon ‘Travel Pass’ internations support team, call them by dialling their toll-free phone number 00 800 5005 0099.

Verizon offers telecoms solutions for their individual clients as well as their business customers. They currently have partnerships with the world’s leading mobile phone makers, allowing their customers to pick from among the many available mobile phone models for their mobile plans.

The invention of the telephone changed the world in an instant. What was once impossible to do, in terms of communication, was now reality. People used to talk with people through wires but now mobile telephone networks are enabling people who are physically disconnected to have real time conversation face-to-face.

As a leader in the telecommunications field, Bell Atlantic was appropriately named, having taken inspiration from the inventor himself – Alexander Graham Bell. Bell Atlantic got into talks with their biggest rival, GTE just before the beginning of the new millennium and things became final in 2000. The two companies merged to create a third company – Verizon. With the up to date research and technologies of the two original companies, Verizon soon became the brand to beat.

Since Verizon is an American mobile network, there is always some doubt whether a mobile subscribed to their network will work in the UK. Though this fear may be a relatively common one, it sure is unfounded. The giant mobile network understands that their customers rely on their mobile phones whenever they travel.

A working mobile is a helpline that is always available inside one’s bag or pocket. This metaphor is especially true when travelling in a foreign country. This is why Verizon offers ‘Travel Pass’ to their subscribers. By getting a ‘Travel Pass’ Verizon subscribers will be able make full use of their Verizon mobiles at special rates. ‘Travel Pass’ is available in more than 200 countries, making it highly likely that the country you’ll be travelling in is included.

Telephone Number for Verizon

If you’re a Verizon mobile network subscriber and you experience a network or device issue or malfunction while travelling in the UK, then contact the Verizon International Support Team on their toll free hotline on 00 800 5005 0099.