LHM Contact Number: 0121 455 8982

If you require the help of Little Hearts Matter, or LHM, then contact their main office phone line onĀ  0121 455 8982.

Little Hearts Matter, or the LHM charitable institution, offers help and support for the family and children who suffer from rare conditions of the heart. These serious heart ailments include: Tricuspid Atresia, Complex Pulmonary Atresia, Univentricular Heart and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). The organisation was first formed to support parents of chidlren with HLHS.

They were initially called ‘Left Heart Matters’ but soon expanded their scope to other severe heart conditions that affected children. Due to the nature of their conditon that results in diminished functionality of their hearts, children diagnosed with HLHS are considered to only have half a heart. LHM used this analogy of the condition in their slogan, ‘half a heart… not half a life’ to emphasise that though the condition may be rare and undeniably severe, these chidlren and their families need support.

Every year, there are about 600 children who are diagnosed with HLHS. These children can undergo multiple surgeries to correct the malformations but even when successful, these surgeries won’t be able to give these children 100% use of their hearts. Children with ‘half a heart’ will always have less energy than their peers. Throughout the entire process of dealing and coping with the condition, LHM will be with the family every step of the way.

LHM Telephone Numbers

If you would like to contact their support line, then call them on 0121 455 8982. You can use this line to enquire about the condition and how it will medically affect a child’s lifestyle.

You can also call thisĀ number if you want to learn more about the treatment and the surgeries that can improve a child’s life. This is also the line to call if you would like to receive information or support during the antenatal period.

For those who are unfortunate enough to have lost their child, you can call 0121 455 8982 for bereavement support.

If transplantation is being considered as the best treatment option for your child, then you can call Lynn O’Neill on 0161 749 8949. She can help families by cnnnecting them with the Children’s Transplant Charity.

Children ages 10-17 can also contact the Youth Service Team of LHM on 0121 455 8982 for support.