British Gas Top Up: 0800 107 0188

If you require help getting a British Gas Top Up, then contact their support phone line on 0800 107 0188 or 0330 100 0301.

British Gas is true to its name in that they are UK’s largest energy provider. The company was borne out of an act – the Gas Act 1972. The organization was originally operated under the government’s management but was later privatised. After privatisation, the organisation was once again restructured and management was transferred to Centrica.

Privatisation didn’t reduce the magnitude and reach of British Gas one bit. In fact, British Gas continued to flourish as a privately owned firm. They currently have around 12 million customers all across the United Kingdom. The company also employs close to 30,000 workers to meet the demands of their millions of customers.

If you’re on a tight budget or if you just prefer to have full control over your spending, then a top up meter may be just for you. British Gas offers their customers the option to get a British Gas Top Up meter to better control spending.

Phone British Gas for Top Up

If you’re interested in the Pay as You Go services offered by British gas and would like to learn more, then call the enquiries line on 0800 048 0303.

Home Energy Top Up

If you already have the meter and you want to get a top up, then follow these steps:

  1. Plug the Home Energy Top Up device into your computer via the USB Port.
  2. Choose whether you want to get an electricity or gas top up, then insert your chosen key into the device.
  3. Go to, log in and choose your top up.
  4. Pay with your debit card details.
  5. British Gas will top up your gas card or electric key with your specified credit.
  6. Insert key or card into your meter.

Telephone Support

If you’re having difficulty using the online top up service, then call the Home Energy Top Up customer service phone line on 0800 107 0188 from a landline or 0330 100 0301 from a mobile.

Smart Meter Top Up

If you want to top up your smart meter, then fill in this online top up form: